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"Whether prominent or subtle, there's a story living in every photo."

About Mike Zack

Working as a television, theme park, and educational writer for over twenty-five years,  I believe that story is the key to most forms of successful artistic expression.  As a photographer, I work to find or create story in every photo I take, whether on the street, in nature, or with posed subjects.


When working with models (beginners and professionals), I enjoy the collaborative and creative process most of all.  I've found that as long as a subject is willing to share their own unique personality and imagination, successful shoots almost always result.


If you have a unique photo shoot idea and would like to collaborate -- or if you're a model that would like to create images with me -- please use my contact page to send me a  message.


Have an great day, and I hope to hear from you soon!



Gallery Exhibits

Top Hat Art Collective
"Under The Neon Moon"
8/19/23 - 9/30/23
Bakersfield, CA

The Perfect Exposure Gallery -- 2018
 Alhambra, CA
Museum Of Neon Art - 2016
Glendale, CA
West 46 - 2015
Vienna Austria
Space Gallery - 2014
Pomona Arts District



I'm currently looking for models in (or travelling to) the Los Angeles area for: 

Costumed retro shoot (with a vintage 1950 Buick)

Sci Fi Space Girl shoot

Please reach out if you're interested!

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